The new art of travelling.

Minimalist style, brilliant design:

The interior of the CONTINENTAL 400 is planned with heart and mind, tailored
to your requirements so that you can feel completely at home.

It harmoniously combines function and design, resulting in an extraordinarily
generous room concept, a revolutionary use of storage space, light-flooded
cabins and a stylish lounge area.

By means of our POP OUT systems the entire living area can be expanded sideways,
allowing for more comfort than that usually achieved by conventional room enlargements.

The furnishings, too, are setting new standards.

Their timelessly puristic look creates a sophisticated, inviting ambience with pleasantly
coordinated shapes, colours and super-smooth surfaces.

On top of the exquisite feel of all materials, many technically and ergonomically refined
features contribute to a lavish atmosphere.

In short: your deluxe suite on wheels.


If you have any questions, we will be happy to advice you!