To the customers`doorstep in the remotest cornders of the world.

Making immovable things movable: Few people understand this as well as SCHULER GmbH. The company brings this know-how to bear not only in prestigious motor sports, but also in mobile marketing. The core of this type of high-class marketing is a trailer vehicle concept that customers can use in a variety of ways and tailor precisely to their needs: as a shop/retail, as hospitality, for training or for workshops - or as a mobile showroom (Schuler SMS 100) with which employees can drive directly to their customers' doorsteps.

This flexibility extends to the interior design: the company's own interior manufacture perfectly matches the interior of the trailer to individual customer requirements. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities: Extensions make it conceivable to use it as a studio, a mobile location or for recruiting. 

The mobile showroom has a floor space of 125 square metres, is four metres high and has a roof terrace, high-quality air conditioning and underfloor heating: this equipment allows customers to use the trailer in all seasons. Despite these generous dimensions, the set-up time for the trailer is impressively short. So once the showroom has arrived at the desired location, it can also be staged in a flash. And all this for sale, but also for rent.

Customers do not have to leave anything to chance when it comes to staging the showroom. SCHULER offers them the greatest possible freedom of design for the showroom. The experienced designers and engineers cater to individual wishes and ideas; branding, construction and equipment can thus be largely determined by customers themselves and perfectly adapted to their needs. In addition, a wide range of media technology is available to them, ranging from LED wall 4K TVs to a sound system. 
SCHULER customers also enjoy extensive design freedom in the Mobile Shop/Retail. With the support of designers, engineers and modern media technology, they can decide for themselves which corporate design and branding will entice them to shop. 

The floor space of the mobile shop is the same size as that of the mobile showroom (125 square metres). It also has a roof terrace, is four metres high, almost at ground level and, just like the Mobile Showroom, can be set up in no time at all. In short: the Mobile Shop offers the comfort and spaciousness of a permanently installed store, can be adapted to customer wishes down to the smallest detail and reaches target groups in the remotest corners of the world.