The best around the race track

Motorsport is the supreme discipline of SCHULER GmbH, the Race Bases one of the company's trademarks. The base camp of the racing teams is also the epicentre of their race weekend. This is where the teams tinker, devise racing strategies, analyse and celebrate. Because everything is at stake here, there is no patent base for everyone.
When it comes to technology, architecture and design, SCHULER relies on fine-tuning in cooperation with its customers.

SCHULER's Raceliners, on the other hand, are custom-made racing suits for racing cars, touring cars, motorbikes or classic cars.
With the Raceliners, SCHULER has mastered the art of optimum space utilisation, which is based on technical refinements such as Double-deck-loading-system with manual or electromechanical support or on an airloading system specially developed for Formula 1. Typical for SCHULER, the series are characterised by their high adaptability to the individual needs of the customers.  

Individuality also characterises SCHULER's motorhomes. One should by no means think of motorhomes in the conventional sense. Motorhomes from SCHULER are luxury mobile homes in the form of trucks or trailers, whose functionality and appearance can vary greatly depending on the customer's wishes. In any case, there is no such thing as "off the peg" at SCHULER: In-house architects and interior designers ensure that the motorhome fits its owner like a tailor-made suit - and also feels exactly the same.

This also applies to SCHULER Hospitality, the company's gastronomic offer: All constructions are used as required as a culinary centre at racing events or as a flying restaurant in the most remote places in the world. SCHULER makes it easy for its customers to be hospitable: The hospitality is quickly set up and taken down again - important for back-to-back races - and is as professionally equipped as a star restaurant.