An exclusive for golfers - THE SCHULER GOLF TOUR TRUCK

Enjoy the virtual tour through the SCHULER Golf Tour Truck made for SRIXON Europe.

The SCHULER Golf Tour Truck was designed for our customer SRIXON Europe. The SCHULER trailer itself is split into three units, which can be closed off with soundproof doors. The first section houses the workshop, which has been designed to provide enough space for two club builders to work freely together with players and guests. The middle section is for entertaining guests such as golfers, VIPs, media representatives or end-users and ideally suited for presentations and meetings. The end section is a “Meet and Greet” area.


SRIXON®, a leading global provider of golf ball technology and innovations, is proud to present its new, state-of-the-art tour truck. The truck is on the road to golf tournaments and events, such as the British Masters Tour.


If you are also interested in an individual SCHULER special solution for your brand, then contact us now!