SCHULER MOBILE SHOWROOM - your exclusive marketing tool

You have the product - we have the presentation area.

Whatever it is, wherever it is: our 120 m2 mobile showroom with a large floor space, three-meter-high ceiling and roof terrace
offers you the right promotional space to display your products and/or your brand. You reach your customers exactly where they are: everywhere!

After a set-up time of three hours, SCHULER SMS 100 * unfolds its full potential and offers you the greatest possible freedom of design.
Together with our designers and engineers you can do branding, construction and equipment individually customized to your wishes and requirements.

Make use of the entire integrated media technology. Reinforce your staging with LED wall, 4K TVs, sound system or a variety of other smart
gadgets just with a one button-click.

Thanks to its high-quality air conditioning, your mobile showroom is not only equipped for the whole Europe, but also for every season.

Are you interested in buying or possibly renting a promotional vehicle?
Call us or write to us using the contact form.

* The SCHULER SMS 100 is certified according to 'EN 13814 for flying structures'.

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