With the best view of the podium.

The SRB 500 is a market revolution

  • Two custom-made Schuler trailers are supplemented by six cubes
  • The entire length in the interior of both trailers can be used
  • Different room concepts that fit to your team are possible
  • Generators are positioned beneath the goose neck
  • Horizontal lifting platform with integrated sliding door
  • Copious underfloor storage space that can be used from both sides (800 mm height)
  • Goose neck panelling
  • Side entrance doors with swing doors
  • Staircase
  • Six fully connected cubes – 125 m² area
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fresh air management
  • Up to 40 workspaces
  • Approved in accordance with EN 13814
  • Interior design to B1

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