With the best view of the podium.

The Mooney VR46 Racing Team proudly presented their new SCHULER Race Base at the MotoGP in Silverstone in August, which not only caused great astonishment technically, but also became a crowd puller in the paddock.

With only three trailers, the SCHULER engineers developed a space that is usually known from Formula 1. In Silverstone, the Mooney VR46 Racing Team and SCHULER were able to jointly launch and inaugurate the new RACE BASE.

As Official Trailer Supplier of the racing team, SCHULER came up with something very special. By using a "flying" trailer, they succeeded in developing a two-storey Race Base with a large workshop, maximum storage space, a physio room, rooms for the riders, a large terrace, marketing office, offices for the team managers and a large conference room. It was particularly important here that everything consists of only three trailers and can be set up without extra help such as a crane or similar.

The SCHULER solution: Two Skyrises make up the height and the side areas. At the bottom are two large workshop spaces that provide storage space for cases, motorbikes, spare parts, etc. during transport. The third and middle trailer connects the two outer trailers on the upper floor and creates a large area of 120 square metres for the team. And upstairs, the trailer brings itself all by itself with its own technology. So the Race Base can be set up anywhere and at any time.


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